When in comes to construction project management, there is mounting evidence that when information flows transparently, in real-time, between all parties, things go better. Much better. Yet many (most) project managers and general contractors look to minimise information shared with other parties and form an “informational advantage”. 

We’ve worked with dozens of complex disputes, and see projects sour every day, so we get it. We respect the right of every party to defend its interest. Nonetheless, we believe that implementing full transparency will lead to better outcomes for all projects. 

Transparent projects are much more likely to succeed in the first place. But even when challenges arise, it’s better to have real-time symmetric information. Such information will actually improve the contractor’s position in dispute avoidance and resolution. 

We always offer free supply chain licences, as a mark of ShapeDo’s commitment to transparency and collaboration. Yes, it’s forever free to include the supply chain in our platform. So, if project management doesn’t share information with the supply chain, it’s a choice. 

ShapeDo Transparency Tools & Services

Transparency Tools

We are looking to partner with projects in the early stages to commit to full transparency and, to help move the industry forward. 

We offer a fully facilitated framework for project collaboration: 

  • Customised processes – we will work together on defining contractual processes, including the format, content, and timelines. Then we will go behind the scenes and build supporting automation into our software. 
  • Information flow definition – we will decide together the nature and format of information shared. Our software will then support the monitoring and tracking of such information. 
  • Customised KPIs – we know that every project is unique, and every contractor has their way of doing things. We will define together the main KPIs and automatically display them on joint dashboards.

Our Offer

You can always buy these services, but for candidate projects willing to “go on record” and record the process we want to make a special offer:

  • Support and services will be performed personally by ShapeDo’s CEO (where reasonably possible).
  • We will produce and promote periodic testimonials to highlight the participants and promote the outcomes. 
  • We will substantially subsidise the cost of ShapeDo and of our surrounding services. 

We strongly believe that this is an opportunity to improve collaboration, communication, and processes, to better your project, and to help bring the industry forward. 

We understand that to make this a reality, multiple parties will need to come together and buy into a new and risk-heavy process. If you believe your project may be the right candidate, we will do our best to help promote the idea to whomever necessary.