In This Whitepaper

In This Whitepaper​

Buying software for an operation as complex as a construction project, even when it’s not expensive, is a big purchase.  We start by listing some of the reasons it’s so complicated.

So How Do We Choose?
One way to overcome some of the barriers is by building out a simple checklist! Hopefully, this list makes the process a little less exhausting, and bridges some of the information gap.

We’ve tried to help you account for the different needs of varying stakeholders in the project, so you don’t run into surprises when you float the idea to the group!

  • Main Users – These are the people who would use the software on a regular basis and are after an easy-to-use fast tool, that is widely available and accessible. They also need to know that they have someone on the inside to hold their hand if they need it.
  • For Managers – Managers are the ones that need to take one look at a dashboard or a summary and understand where the bottlenecks are, who’s causing them, and what can be done to unlock them. They need a tool that’s data-driven, fast, and accurate, that will allow them to both get a bird’s-eye view and delve deep into the issues with the same ease.
  • For IT – IT people are the ones that manage the software on a regular basis, in conjunction with every other system in the organisation. They need high levels of customization and integrations, customer support, modern security standards, and technical understanding of the construction industry.
  • Don’t forget the Vendor! – Your company, for all its stakeholders, is only half of the deal. Who you work with matters! Get to know your vendor, see who else they work with, and make sure they’re the right mix of innovative and stable: falling short on either of those means they may soon disappear.