Everybody is talking about digital construction. The innovative construction manager is faced with the need to understand technology, guess what will be possible in the future (and what will remain the same), and try to build a business that lives in the future but still works today.

We’re almost certainly not smart enough to predict the future, but as of today, technology is not the answer to all of the construction industry problems. Even the most forward-thinking companies can’t have technology design the building, or sign contracts with subcontractors, or manage the actual people who build it. 

In This Whitepaper

In This Whitepaper​

We attempt to provide a toolset to help navigate in a rapidly evolving environment. Rather than take yet another guess at what tomorrow will bring (a world where our product will be left, right, and center, duh), we outline the core strengths and weaknesses of technology in a construction environment. We discuss why: 

  • Technology can’t replace leadership 
  • Technology can’t replace creativity
  • Technology won’t replace Judgement 
  • Technology can’t solve uncommon or new problems

But also how: 

  • Technology will inform and enhance leaders
  • Technology will help bring everyone on the same page
  • Technology will reliably perform repeatable tasks   
  • Technology will provide leverage for your best people