The master spreadsheet – a construction project management process of keeping detailed documentation of all commercially pertinent issues – is critical to any well-run project.  Nonetheless, the master spreadsheet approach to managing projects is not without limitations.

The master spreadsheet is far from a perfect solution; rather, it is a necessary evil which comes with a myriad of costs, risks, and limitations. BIM and other digital transformations have done little to mitigate the reliance of projects on the manual, labour intensive, and error-prone tracking of issues.

We have worked with hundreds of projects to study the complex weave of information that makes its way into, and out of, the master spreadsheet, and to capture the essence of that flow in a smart and connected digital format.

In This Whitepaper

In This Whitepaper​

In the first part of this whitepaper, we will highlight the costs and risks which come with the master spreadsheet as the industry standard way of tracking and managing issues.

  • Manual updates
  • A standalone document
  • Only legible to the commercial manager
  • Unreported issues

In the second part of this whitepaper we will showcase how we have worked to digitize the essence of the master spreadsheet. We call it the smart and connected PowerBoards. We will show how a simple yet powerful system can connect all your information from individual event forms up through a project master spreadsheet, and into an enterprise dashboard – giving you real-time, automatically updating, accurate information.