Community Edition

Collaboration platform for CAD projects

CAD project managers. Architects. Engineers. Coordinating the efforts of your team is complex and time consuming. ShapeDo streamlines and automates many of the processes that today you handle manually, reducing costs and timelines.

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ShapeDo Features

All in one place

ShapeDo manages all project files and processes in one place. Never send files by E-mail again.

View Online

Review changes and showcase work with beautiful 2D & 3D file display.

Seamless syncing

Engineering changes have never been easier. ShapeDo manages syncing, issues & updates in a way that will feel like magic.

Versions and revisions

Review, compare or reroll any version of the project, branch or individual files.

Project map

Visualize progress as it happens or access the entire project history with one interface.

Branch and merge

Branch a project to create experimental versions or easily maintain multiple production versions.

Managing a collaborative CAD project? ShapeDo is for you!

ShapeDo is good for business.

Simple to use. Cheap to adopt

ShapeDo is simple. No dedicated staff. No implementation costs. Your project will be up and running in minutes.

Custom Solutions

Training & support, local servers, custom features. ShapeDo can cater to the needs of your organization.

Customer portal

Provide your customers controlled and effective access to design progress and status.

Freedom to create

Engineers get sandboxes. The organization gets Engineers who can explore, experiment and inspire.

Rigid where necessary

Management controls production versions and key branches to avoid mistakes.

Insightful Management

See the entire picture in real time. Makes less mistakes, capture more opportunities.

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Shape Community

ShapeDo began as a 3D printing community. Our community is a great place to explore and share open source designs.